How Fanjoy Leverages Data to Drive Real-time Growth Outcomes

Fanjoy gained data clarity and insight into 40+ creator storefronts.


Tydo Custom


Fashion and apparel


  • 40+ storefronts  
  • Profitable growth


  • Clean, accurate data across 40+ stores
  • Multi-channel data
  • Manual data crunching and reporting 
  • Lack of data clarity


  • Reliable, accurate data 
  • Actionable insights 
  • Birds-eye view of performance

Tech Stack

  • Shopify
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

The term “creator economy” has exploded in popularity over the past few years. At the leading edge of this cultural and societal wave is Fanjoy, which partners with 40+ creators, ranging from Addison Rae to The Try Guys, to build and scale their branded ecommerce storefronts. 

Managing 40+ storefronts, Fanjoy CEO and Founder, Chris Vaccarino, sought out a data solution that provided the team with clean data and insight into creator performance. 

Leveraging Tydo, Fanjoy can now: 
  1. Access clean, accurate data
  2. Aggregate performance data across campaigns in real time 
  3. Pivot ad strategies accordingly. 


Prior to Tydo, the Fanjoy team was stuck in an endless cycle of information and data overwhelm. Managing 40+ storefronts wasn’t easy from a data perspective. 

Across every client, they tracked revenue, acquisition costs, lifetime value, and other key metrics. But, their previous tools analyzed the wrong data and left the team feeling lost, lacking actionable client takeaways. 

At any second, Fanjoy might need to pivot or change their strategy based on the constantly shifting needs of a creator. So, additionally, they needed a solution with up-to-date, accurate data to help the team make informed, smart calls in a short window of time on behalf of their creators. 

The Fanjoy team searched high and low for an automated tool that aggregated their ecommerce data across 40+ stores in a single spot. Google Analytics. Shopify. Data Studios. Lately. Nothing worked. That is, until they found Tydo. 

“Our data needed consolidation. Plus, it needed to be easily digestible by our internal team as well as our creators. 


Fanjoy pivoted away from antiquated data management tools and quickly onboarded with Tydo. 

They leveraged Tydo to see detailed data across 40+ stores. Now, they can see relevant, real-time data points for creator storefronts of all shapes and sizes, especially performance data across campaigns. This helps the team quickly pivot and adjust ad strategies, if need be. 

“At Fanjoy, we’re constantly analyzing information across 40+ digital channels. To successfully navigate these channels and amplify our creator partners, we need access to accurate, real-time data. That’s where Tydo comes in. With Tydo, our data is right there. It’s clean. I can just take that and run with it. ” 


Fanjoy leverages their Tydo dashboard to take data inputs and turn them into revenue-driving outputs. To accomplish this, the team looks at their current ads, what’s performing and what’s not, and then alters couse based on Tydo data. 

Every day, the Fanjoy team uses Tydo to quickly sync across their 40+ store accounts and review core performance metrics. 

This birds-eye view enables the Fanjoy leadership team to clearly communicate high-level performance to brand managers, who are the ones in charge of individual client accounts. To evaluate outcomes and ideate on new campaigns, Fanjoy leans into this query framework: 

  1. When did the last paid social campaign run?  
  2. What was the core creative thematic focus?
  3. How can we improve our creative assets?
  4. What paid ad formats did we lean into?
  5. What can we do similarly for creative?
  6. What should we change for creative

At Fanjoy, every action taken by the team is grounded in clear, real-time data that’s provided by Tydo. 

Tydo acts as conduit, of sorts, that enables Fanjoy’s internal team to quickly dive deep into performance data and zoom back out with actionable insights in hand. In turn, Fanjoy leverages this data to help their partners increase overall revenue streams. 

“We needed actionable data at our fingertips to inform critical decisions. With Tydo, we finally can gain access to those real-time insights. If we choose to alter course, push a new ad campaign, and drive a positive ROI, that outcome is directly due to the fact that we have Tydo at our disposal.”

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