Sharma Brands Boosted Creative Deployment and Performance

Thanks to Tydo, Sharma brands gained a birds-eye view of performance across their portfolio.


Tydo Custom 




  • Multi-brand account management
  • Growth & scalability
  • Optimizing paid media


  • Reaching instant insights
  • Multi-channel data
  • Manual data crunching and reporting 
  • Lack of data clarity


  • Reliable, accurate data 
  • Actionable insights 
  • Birds-eye view view of performance across clients

Tech Stack

  • Shopify
  • Google Sheets
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Sharma Brands operates and works with some of your favorite DTC brands, including Judy, Caraway, Haus, and Hydrant, to name just a few. From building landing pages to serving as a one-stop-shop across digital growth channels, the Sharma Brands team does it all. 

Working directly with multiple brands at a time, Sharma Brands Director of Growth, Ari Sadwick, desired a data tool that would allow the team to streamline the account management process and make accurate, data-driven recommendations on the go. 

Leveraging Tydo, the Sharma Brands team can now:
  1. Gain deeper insights into all their data across clients 
  2. Make smart, strategic, actionable recommendations
  3. Help brands test, grow, and scale quickly


As a fast-growing agency managing multiple brand accounts, the team at Sharma Brands needed a tool that could immediately pull all the data they need into a single spot. 

Across their brand clients, the team tracks revenue targets and KPIs such as ROAS, AOV, conversion rate, CAC, and return rate. At multiple points of the day, the Sharma Brands team needs to access those data points and transform them into actionable insights. 

Prior to Tydo, the Sharma Brands team manually extracted data from individual marketing channels to generate reports. Given the urgency and fast-paced nature of their work and the sheer volume of companies they partner with at any given time, a consolidated multi-store solution was critical.

“Because we’re working with multiple brands at the same time, visibility and accuracy are key.”


Instead of hiring a retainer-based analyst to prep the data and integrate it into the team’s existing suite of tools, Sharma Brands onboarded with Tydo. 

They leveraged Tydo to get a quick, high-level glance at their clients’ performance. Now, the team has a centralized dashboard that allows them to zoom in and out to track campaign performance and growth across each brand. 

Additionally, Sharma Brands clients also have access to Tydo, which provides even greater degrees of visibility and alignment across their client engagements.

“Tydo was a perfect fit for two reasons. It was insanely easy to customize to our needs, but it was also incredibly simple to stand up and get going.” 


The Sharma Brands team leverages their agency Tydo reports to quickly access and analyze data insights, enabling them to iterate and deploy high-performing ad campaigns for their clients.

In the process of balancing a focus on creative development and high-performing ad units, Ari reiterates the importance of data as a differentiator. With data, you can cut through the noise of what’s working and what’s not, and in turn, make optimized decisions accordingly.

By unlocking new levels of data clarity through Tydo, the team can see the bigger picture and not get caught up in the data weeds. Now, they have a greater understanding of what is and isn’t performing well for their clients with Tydo. Moreover, this high-level data allows the Sharma Brands team to compare what’s happening across brands and make smarter recommendations moving forward.

“To build creative that’s interesting and on-brand while also optimized for performance, you need data. With that data in hand, we can quickly deploy tests and learn much faster than before. That’s a game-changer for us.”

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