Instilling Wonder into the Post-Purchase Experience with Wonderment

December 15, 2021
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“Where is my order?” It’s one of the most popular support tickets plaguing today’s DTC brands. Typically, there’s not much a brand can do. But, Wonderment is changing that.

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Instilling Wonder into the Post-Purchase Experience with Wonderment 

“Where is my order?” It’s one of the most popular support tickets plaguing today’s DTC brands. Typically, there’s not much a brand can do since shipping issues are out of their control. But, Wonderment is changing that. 

Used by DTC brands, such as The Ridge, Three Ships, and Baboon to the Moon, Wonderment proactively identifies stalled packages and shipping issues. Their order tracking and communications platform—which integrates with Klaviyo, Postscript, and Gorgias—allows brands to notify customers about delayed or lost shipments before they write into support. 

CEO and co-founder Jess Meher gave us the lowdown on Wonderment’s origin story and how the team is unlocking the post-purchase opportunity. 

“It’s one thing to know about a problem. It’s another thing to actually do something with the data.” 

The Order Tracking Opportunity  

With backgrounds in B2B SaaS, Jess and her co-founder Brian wanted to start an ecommerce company, but they didn’t know what exactly. After spending hours researching, chatting with founders and operators, and understanding their pain points, they noticed a common issue: shipping delays. 

DTC brands don’t have visibility or insight into which orders are going wrong.

As a result, customers get frustrated about shipping problems, leading to subscription churn, negative reviews, and extra “Where is my order?” (WISMO) support tickets. 

Looking at the current market of solutions, the Wonderment team identified two issues: 
  1. The available solutions are all on the enterprise side. They’re not accessible to SMBs on Shopify.
  2. They aren’t proactive and action-oriented. 

So, Jess and Brian built Wonderment—to flag shipping issues and give brands the ability to build workflows and communication automations around those issues. Now, brands can reach customers before they’re inundated with WISMO support tickets. 

“When we talked to founders and operators, we asked them, ‘What’s keeping you up at night?’ And nine times out of ten, they said shipping.” 

Reducing Support Costs, Improving the Customer Experience 

DTC brands come to Wonderment for the following reasons: 
  1. To reduce WISMO support tickets
  2. To automate solving around the unique problems carriers pose 

CPG brands make up a large portion of Wonderment customers. For those who provide perishable supplies or subscriptions, proactive communication is especially important.

The underlying commonality: All these brands are CX-driven. At their core, they care about the customer. 

And with Wonderment, brands can expect to improve: 
  1. Support ticket volume 
  2. Repeat purchase rates
  3. Positive customer sentiment 

Wonderment reduces the volume of “Where is my order?” tickets from 30 to 70%, lowering support cost and burden and improving customer loyalty and retention. 

“We give brands the data and the visibility into shipping issues. They get to  create all these workflows and different experiences that weren’t possible before.” 

The Democratization of Shipping Data 

Shipping information is for the carrier. It’s not accessible nor consumer-friendly. Even though shipping delays are out of a brand’s control, they still reflect poorly on a brand.

When a customer places an order on Shopify, they usually receive an email that says, “Your order has shipped.” But, Jess explains it actually hasn’t. 

When consumers track their shipments on the carrier’s site, it usually says the carrier is waiting on the shipment or the label has been created. Then, the consumer is confused. 

The problem is carriers aren’t technology companies. Their data is actually super messy.

Some carriers provide data while others don’t. A lot of them don’t update their data, or they alter the history. And, how they name events is inconsistent. 

So, the Wonderment team is on a mission to democratize shipping data.

They’ve spent a ton of time and resources on normalizing, aggregating, and cleaning up data so that it’s actually useful for consumers. 

“Brands need to take control of the post-purchase journey. That way, they can deliver a better and more clear customer experience about when customers should expect their packages.” 

Building a Proactive Playbook

All brands experience shipping issues. 

Unfortunately, the supply chain isn’t going to be solved overnight. Even with a perfect supply chain, there will always be weather delays or unique situations where packages get lost. 

Common mistakes brands make around shipping issues: 
  1. Doing nothing or waiting too long to do something
  2. Not living the customer experience as their own customer

Today, consumers are expecting more from brands. With the busy holiday season and ongoing supply chain issues, Jess recommends building a more proactive playbook. 

“Deliver a better customer experience from day one. Don’t wait until you have customer service issues to do something.” 

What’s Next for the Post-Purchase Category 

Historically, the post-purchase category has been dominated by loyalty programs. Now, brands are merging retention with acquisition earlier on, and we see new categories emerging like returns. 

We’re moving from version one of the Shopify ecosystem, where tools didn’t talk to each other, to more of an open platform, where apps build out collaborative processes that include passing data to each other.

In this new Shopify ecosystem, brands have a more unified view of the customer journey. 

“The next generation of DTC brands will be heavily focused on retention and the post-purchase journey more than ever before.” 


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