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Product Purchase Path

Which 3 products are purchased most frequently as a first purchase? Second purchase? Third?

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What percent of my customers have only purchased on discount?

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Subscription Analysis

On average, how long until my subscription customers churn?

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Paid Channels

What’s my blended new customer acquisition cost?

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Business Profitability

What are my unit economics? On average, how much am I making on a single order?

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Promotions & Seasonality

Is my business seasonal? What are my top 2 months for sales - what are my bottom 2 months for sales?

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Double click into your data

Dive a layer deeper and unlock more insights with access to Tydo’s paid blocks.

Product Purchase Path

Improve your acquisition and retention efforts.

Gain insight into how to market the right product to the right customer at the right time by harnessing product purchase data.

Promotions & Seasonality

Dive into performance trends over time.

Uncover when it’s time to double down on marketing or introduce a new product to hit your goals.


See how much your customer segments differ from each other.

Compare customer segments based on brand-specific criteria and filters (i.e. products purchased, purchase frequency, discount codes, tags and more).

Subscription Analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of your subscription program.

Optimize your subscription program so that you build a recurring revenue stream that sets you up for success

Paid Channels

See the full picture of your paid performance.

Make smarter decisions around how you spend your ad dollars to maximize efficiency.

Business Profitability

Gain insight into how you can improve your bottom line.

Explore whether or not you have room to flex on ad spend or if you might need to adjust your agency fees.

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All your data sources together to provide you with a single source of insight.


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Connect your ad channels and tools

All the channels and tools you love, united in one space.


Multiple sources, one truth

Leverage a single source of truth to discover actionable insights.


Is Questions free?

Questions is a free feature included in the Tydo Platform! You can get started here.

Can I submit my own Tydo’s question prompts?

Right now, you can only calculate answers for Tydo’s questions prompt. In the near future, you will be able to submit your own question. Keep checking the Questions tab for updates.

How are the questions calculated?

We calculate your answers on the back end. We use your Shopify data and your connected integrations (Facebook Ads, Recharge) to calculate accurate answers. If you’re interested in learning more about our formulas, you can check out our glossary.

What paid blocks are offered by Tydo? What is the pricing?

If you’re interested in diving deeper into your data, you can request access to Tydo’s paid blocks. The blocks we offer cover the following topics: Product purchase path, promotions & seasonality, segmentation, subscription analysis, paid channels, and business profitability. The pricing for each block starts at a $500 one-time fee. 

I need help with Questions.

We're sorry you are experiencing some trouble. Open the help chat in the bottom right corner to chat with our team directly. You can also find helpful information in our knowledge base here.

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