Tydo’s reports explore everything we’ve learned about ecommerce across financing, analytics, marketing, brand building, and more. All the good stuff.

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Your Ultimate Ecommerce Checklist

A Guide to Maximizing Your Potential

Unlock the 10 most important focus areas for your business and guiding questions to ask.

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Forging Their Own Path: Gen Z Meets DTC

Tydo Tables 2

What does it take to build a thriving Gen Z-focused brand?

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The State
of Alt Lending

Explained - in plain English

Explore the three best alt lending tools and learn from finance and VC experts.

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The Wild West
of CPG

Our first-ever Tydo Tables report

Explore the biggest questions, opportunities, and challenges in CPG from the lens of 14, Austin-based food & beverage founders.

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17 Data Deep Cuts

Use your brand’s data to pulse check your business

Make decisions that increase conversions, improve retention, and drive revenue.

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