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General tips & tricks

Turn off your pop-up blocker. Our integration partner, Fivetran, requires that we redirect you to their website. Some pop-up blockers prevent this, so make sure to turn yours off if you have one.

Make sure to click “Save & Test” after authenticating with each data source. This will run the applicable tests to ensure we have proper access. If successful, we’ll re-direct you back to Tydo! 

What data are you capturing?

We capture your transaction level data from Shopify and use this to calculate Orders and Revenue (and AOV). We capture your spend and conversion data from Facebook and Google and use this to calculate your Blended ROAS and CAC

How will you use my data?

We will use your data to generate your automated Report Card that gets sent to your email and anyone else on your team that you allow :) 

What data sources do you connect to?

For our Report Cards product, we currently connect to your Shopify store, Facebook Ads and Google Ads. We’re working on adding more integrations. If you have access to Tydo’s full dashboard, you can also connect to Snapchat, Klavyio, and ReCharge! Google Analytics, Amazon and Postscript are coming soon.

Are you sharing any of my store data?

We understand that your data is sensitive and we strive to protect that. By connecting your store and ad channels, you are providing consent for us to use your data and share it with our partner network, which you can read about in detail in our Privacy Notice and Customer Terms here.

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What is Fivetran?

Fivetran is an ETL. Put simply, they move data from one source to another. In our case, they move data from Shopify/Facebook/Google to Tydo’s database so we can calculate your metrics

Can I delete the Fivetran app from my Shopify after I receive reports?

No. The Fivetran app is required for us to sync your data. Please keep it in your app store to keep your Tydo reports running :)

Is my data secure with Fivetran? Is Fivetran a reputable company?

Yes. Fivetran has over 1,000 customers that include Everlane, Lime and Square. You can learn more about Fivetran here: https://fivetran.com/blog/series-c-funding

Nothing happens when I click connect!

You likely have your pop-up blocker on, turn it off and try again!

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How do I connect my Shopify?

1. Click Connect

2. Enter your shopify domain. (Note: please do not include .myshopify)

3. Click “Authorize Connection”
You will be redirected to Shopify

4. You will be asked to install Fivetran
Scroll down to “Install unlisted app”
You will be redirected back to Fivetran

5. Click “Save & Test” on the bottom

Why do I install an unlisted app called Fivetran?

We use Fivetran to get your data from Shopify. Fivetran uses an app to simplify the on-boarding process. This allows us to have no API keys or configuration needed on your end!

It says my Shopify domain is wrong, but I entered my Shopify store name correctly.

Try removing the .myshopify

It says “Authentication Successful”, now what?

Click “Save & Test” on the bottom of the screen.

My authentication failed.

In order to authenticate Shopify through Fivetran, you need to have Admin access to your store. Either ask an admin to give you Admin access or invite your colleague to finish the on-boarding.

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Do I need to sign in with my personal Facebook?

You need to sign in with the Facebook account that has access to your brand’s Business Manager. 

My authentication failed.

In order to authenticate Facebook and Google through Fivetran, you need to have Admin access to your store. Either ask an admin to give you Admin access or invite your colleague to finish the on-boarding.

I have multiple ad accounts, how do I make sure I sync the right data?

Click “Sync Specific Accounts” and be sure to select the correct account(s)

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Why do I need Ad Management permissions to connect my Google Ads Account?

In short, Google’s API requires ad management permissions for us to pull analytics. It’s important to note that we do NOT manage your ads - we have Read Only access.

Where do I find my account ID?

Log-in to your AdWords account. (here

Click Sign in on the top right

Select the Google account that is attached to your AdWord Client account

Navigate to the top right corner, you’re looking for the 10 digit number next to your profile picture and email should look like 123-456-7890

Error: No Client Accounts for the connected user.

Fivetran requires a client account for us to properly authenticate the account. If you do not have one, you can ask a colleague to connect AdWords instead. Alternatively, you can create an Client Account here

My authentication failed.

In order to authenticate Google through Fivetran, you need to have a Manager/Client account to connect. Here you can find the steps to update your account if that's not your current account type. Either ask an Admin to give you Admin access or invite your colleague to finish the on-boarding to make these changes.

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If I oversee multiple Shopify stores, can I connect them all at once?

If you are an agency or oversee performance across multiple brands, we can definitely provide you with access to Report Cards for multiple stores. We just need you to provide a bit more information here.

Do you manage ads?

We do NOT manage ads, nor do we have the ability to manage your ads. Our integration with Fivetran is read only, thus we cannot make changes to any of your data or within any of your ad platforms. 

How is this free?

At Tydo, we believe no one should be constrained by a lack of time or technical expertise from achieving their highest potential. Our hope is that Tydo Report Cards equip brands with easy-to-use data that provides a baseline understanding of their business daily, weekly and monthly. Ultimately, our full dashboard, a paid product, will enable even deeper insight and action-based intel so that your brand can achieve greatness.

Can I see a sample report?

Yep! See the image below.

When will I receive my first report?

You should receive your first report approximately 1 day after connecting your store. If you don’t receive within 48 hours of connecting, please contact us at support@tydo.com.

Which metrics are included in the report?

Revenue, Orders, AOV, Spend, Blended CAC and Blended ROAS.

Can I only get daily, weekly or monthly recaps?

Yes, however, after signing up you can update your settings and decide which reports you would like to recieve.

How are the metrics calculated?

Revenue: Net sales as recorded by Shopify.
Orders: Number of orders as recorded by Shopify.
AOV: Revenue divided by orders.
Spend: Total ad spend from ad accounts connected to Tydo. If your ad channel is not connected, that spend is not included. 
Blended CAC: Total ad spend from connected ad accounts divided by the number of new customer orders.
Blended ROAS: Revenue divided by total ad spend from connected ad accounts. 

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What is Tydo?

Tydo is an automated performance analysis company that provides reliable data analytics to digitally native direct-to-consumer companies with minimum effort required from the user and no code necessary. Report Cards is a free product that provides automated snapshots of your performance delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, and monthly. Our full dashboard provides even more insight into your business, equipped with niche-specific features, and provides automated calculations built to best practice standards of e-commerce analytics.

What is Sharma Brands?

Sharma Brands is the company founded by Nik Sharma. They operate, advise and invest in a variety of your favorite direct-to-consumer brands such as JUDY, Hydrant, Super Coffee, Lemon Perfect, Brightland, Haus, Lalo, Caraway and more.

Why Sharma Brands x Tydo?

Nik Sharma, the founder of Sharma Brands, is an investor and advisor to Tydo. He was disappointed that he couldn’t find a free solution that gave him automated reports on the most important metrics for the brands that he operates, so we made it for him. He helped formulate which metrics brands would want to see and when! Welcome to Report Cards :) 

Who uses Tydo?

Direct-to-Consumer brands whose primary sales channel is online and directly to customers. Some of the brands that use Tydo currently are: Disco, Maev, Not Pot, JUDY, Italic and many more!

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