How New Era uses Tydo to grow ecommerce revenue

Tydo provides automated, up to date insights that New Era uses to make quicker decisions and grow ecommerce revenue by 100% year over year.


  • Tydo Custom


  • Apparel


  • Experimenting with ad spend on multiple channels


  • Manual and delayed reporting
  • Visibility into all facets of the business


  • Single source of truth
  • Customer cohort reports
  • SKU performance by region
  • Improved ad campaigns

Tech Stack

  • Shopify
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Google and Bing ads
  • Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook ads

New Era is a 100+ year old heritage headwear and apparel sportswear brand based in Buffalo, New York.  They operate globally, with some of the most valuable licenses on the planet (e.g. MLB, NFL, NBA, etc.), and did over $1bn in revenue in 2022. 

New Era’s Challenge: Up to Date insight from Multiple Data Sources

“We may be an older company, but we still need to operate as quickly and efficiently as all of the new players.” said Jonathan Smalley, VP of Ecommerce. From the moment Smalley joined New Era he knew he was “going to need a way to see what was going on across the entire commercial business operation: from how customer cohorts are behaving, to landing page performance, to as granular as how individual product SKUs are performing in specific regions on specific dates.” 

When your critical data like sales, ad performance, and product inventory is spread out across different teams, tools, vendors, and reports, it can be incredibly difficult to assemble and analyze all of that information.  “Previously, we had so much spreadsheet-based data that we were literally breaking excel trying to perform operations on it” shared Smalley.  “This meant that we were forced to limit our data set and make decisions that operated on too much gut feeling. Sometimes we didn’t know the actual truth until we got a report from accounting, which itself would be a month behind.” So, for New Era it wasn’t that the data didn’t exist, but that it was laborious, slow, and error-prone putting it together.

Smalley and team sought a vendor that could ingest data from everywhere, in all of the different formats, and provide accurate, up to date reports with whatever granularity and specification required.  

New Era’s Solution: A flexible, powerful, and complete data platform 

“We looked at a number of agencies and other tools, all of which often required us to use a bunch of additional vendors. They were way too rigid for us and would only partially solve the problem that we had already partially solved,” Smalley noted.  

“I’m incredibly opinionated about what I was looking for and I needed a tool that was flexible enough to let me query as I wanted, but also incredibly accurate and fast,” continued Smalley.  

“We found Tydo and it did that.” 

“Before, we had trailing reporting that told us how campaigns performed after the fact. So, for example, we would buy more inventory to meet increased demand where we saw it, but always on a lagging basis. Now, with Tydo, I’ve set up reports for leading, real time, and trailing indicators of how the entire Ecommerce business is operating. My ad campaigns are more effective, our targeting and customer cohorting is more optimized, and the best part is I’m actually doing way less manual work because all of this is automated.” 

“The beauty of Tydo, from data authentication to data structure, is that they have an understanding of what we need to achieve in Ecommerce.  Tydo is flexible enough to do what I need as an incredibly opinionated person.  We were able to build out an incredibly robust tool set, very quickly. And that’s being leveraged not only by my team, but other teams across the org as well.” 

Tydo’s Impact: The Search Engine for your Ecommerce Data 

“This year our direct to consumer business will double in size year over year. And we have product lines within that that have grown even faster. The insight we get with Tydo has been instrumental in that achievement,” shared Smalley.  

100% y/y revenue growth

“If you think about how Google Search made it so you never had to wonder about something again, it’s actually really similar with Tydo and our business. If we know the question to ask then the answer is just there. And that’s fundamentally changed how we run not just our ecommerce org, but our entire business.” 

“The beauty of Tydo, from data authentication to data structure, is that they have an understanding of what we need to achieve in Ecommerce.”

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