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A new approach to Platform

We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why the Tydo Platform is modular in nature. Add the data views you want and leave out the ones you don’t.


The most important data for your store, all in one view


Your data, delivered right to your inbox


The most important data for your store, all in one view


Group your customers together to better understand purchasing behaviors


Profitiablity, unit economics, and more

What’s included

We believe everyone should have access to the most important data. Get Store Overview, Email Reports, and Cohorts for free.

Get started — it’s free

Store Overview

A high-level snapshot of your store.

One spot, all your data covered.

Know what to care about, when it matters most.

From insights to action, real fast.

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Never miss a beat. Set up goals and see how you stack up.

Create custom targets and gain insights on how you’re pacing towards your goals.

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Double click into your customers and discover what keeps them coming back time and time again.

Gain the insight you need to optimize your retention marketing efforts.


Get the full data picture. We combine your Shopify store data with your most important tools and channels, providing a single source of insight.

Super simple setup

All your data sources together to provide you with a single source of insight.


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It all starts with Shopify. Connect your store to Tydo's Platform.


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All the channels and tools you love, united in one space.


Multiple sources, one truth

Leverage a single source of truth to discover actionable insights.

Loved by the best

“Email Reports is like the daily Morning Brew email for your business.”

Nik Sharma
CEO, Sharma Brands

“Having done ecommerce since 1996, Email Reports is the culmination of everything a founder or head of marketing needs to see every morning.”

Brian Sugar
President, Group Nine Media

“Analytics debt is the silent killer for eCommerce brands. Tydo is like having a rockstar analyst that shines a flashlight on your business and up-levels decision making & operational rigor.”

Mike Duboe
Partner, Greylock Partners

Tydo makes it easy to share and protect your data when you want.

Our goal is to help you answer your toughest questions and solve your biggest challenges, all through data.

While it’s important to allow data to interact between multiple parties at times, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to control when and where you want to share.


What is the Platform?

Tydo's Platform is your home to your ecommerce store's analytics. We have built the platform to be modular in nature so that you can add the data views you need and leave out the ones you don't. We are constantly adding new data views for you to choose if you'd like to add to your Platform.

What is included in the Platform?

Currently you have a default view of your store, called Overview. This is the most important data that you should understand at a high level. We also allow you to turn on Email Reports, which are custom data cards sent to your inbox. We are excited to add more data views to the Platform soon.

What is the difference between Platform and Portfolio?

Tydo's Platform is best if you manage an individual Shopify store. Portfolio is great if you manage multiple Shopify stores. You can learn more about the differences between Tydo's products here.

I need help with my existing Tydo account.

We're sorry you are experiencing some trouble. Open the help chat in the bottom right corner to chat with someone directly or we might have some helpful information in our knowledge base here.