Analytics for ecomm agencies + consultants

Take manual data crunching and reporting off your plate and reach data clarity for your agency and your clients.

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Who is Tydo for?

Agencies stuck in the data weeds

You want answers not data headaches. You spend too much copying and pasting data from all your clients’ sources and organizing it into spreadsheets.

Agencies that prioritize data in decision-making

Quickly send updates and benchmarks to your team and clients in a streamlined way.

Agencies that want to confidently stand behind the metrics they share

You want to see the full data picture and feel confident in the patterns and opportunities your data uncovers.

Tydo makes agency life easier

We take client reporting off your to-do list with the help of our on-demand data scientists.

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Client reports

We create any report your client needs.
  • Say yes to any and every data question.
  • Custom visualizations built to your client's specifications.
  • One dashboard for all your client's data sources and integrations.
  • Save money by streamlining your data stack into one full stack solution. Tydo is an all-in-one storage, ETL, and visualization tool.

Multi-store agency reports

No more manual data crunching and report building.
  • Easily visualize performance for all your agency clients.
  • Identify patterns, gaps, and opportunities across merchants.
  • No more managing dozens of disparate accounts.
  • Understand your agency’s impact and ROI.

How Sticky Digital Saves 50 Hours a Week Reporting Klaviyo Data


Manual data sorting and calculations
Reporting cycle discrepancies
Employee burnout


On-demand email and SMS reports
50 hours/week saved
Daily data updates
Improved team morale
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Custom reporting & visualizations

Personalized data reports, built for each client’s unique needs. Their data, the way they want to see it.

200+ integrations

Bring together your client’s channels and tools in one spot. Connect their entire tech stack to see the full picture or highlight a specific area of the business.

Custom data filtering

Filter out data that is unique to your clients and how they operate their business. Support unique data use cases and custom attribution models.

Data cleaning and warehousing

Leverage our robust infrastructure, built for today’s ecommerce brands. Store your data at a fraction of the cost.

Multi-store support

Simplify client reporting needs and quickly answer questions from clients in one place.

Spreadsheet automation

Save time by automating your agency’s or client’s favorite data spreadsheet. Unlock automated workflows with custom data types and projections.

Connect your entire stack

We’ve likely worked with your tech stack but we are willing to build out fringe integrations if we haven’t.

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Partner Program Benefits include:
  • Inclusion in co-marketing content
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  • Customer referrals via Tydo Discover
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  • Access to Tydo analysts for bespoke solutions
  • Referral opportunities
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Tydo Custom saves us time and is now a core part of making the client experience turnkey. Without a doubt, the best investment . . . ROI was immediate.

Emma Grace Moon
Founder of Praize

I’m saving at least 15 to 20 hours a week with Tydo.

Ornella Siso
Founder & Ceo, idyl

Tydo Custom has been an incredible resource for tracking our KPIs. We can’t reliably get this from any other platform. We worked directly with Tydo’s talented team to craft the exact reports we needed to keep tabs on all our important business metrics.”

Ajay Mehta
Founder & Ceo, Birthdate Co.


Do you offer agency solutions?

Yes, we love working with agencies to streamline your internal data needs and save your team time. Find time to chat with our team here, and we can talk through your agency needs.

How much does Tydo Custom cost?

Pricing is on a per-merchant or per-agency basis and typically starts at $2K/month. The cost depends on several factors, including the number of integrations, number of merchant connections, complexity of data needs, and ongoing support needs. Find time to chat with our team here, and we can provide a personalized pricing estimate for your agency or a specific client.

How does our agency or client get started with Tydo Custom?

To get started, book a time with our team here. We’ll walk you through Tydo Custom and get to know your data needs in a 30 min call.

Do you support multi-store or multi-client views?

Yes! We love working with agencies to streamline your team’s data needs. No more logging in and out of dozens of accounts. See your entire client portfolio in aggregate or toggle into specific merchants to dive deep into their performance. With Tydo, agencies can easily show their agency’s impact on client performance.

What integrations do you support?

We support 200+ integrations with Tydo Custom, including Shopify, Amazon, TikTok, Klaviyo, Recharge, ShareaSale, GA4, and Meta. We are also able to build out any integration your team needs. Get in touch with our team here to chat more about your integration needs.

Do you offer a referral program?

Yes, we do! Fill out our Partner Interest Form, and our Partnerships team will be in touch to get you looped into our Tydo Partner Program and Referral Program.

Can I write my own queries?

Yes, you can write your own queries. Book time with our team to learn more about capabilities.

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