Tydo helps Sticky Digital save 50 hours weekly on reporting Klaviyo data

Learn how Sticky Digital, a retention marketing agency, uses Tydo to level up Klaviyo reporting for clients and eliminate employee burnout from manual data workloads.


Tydo Custom for Agencies


Retention marketing agency


  • Multiple concurrent clients and campaigns
  • Granular reporting over time


  • Manual data sorting and calculations
  • Reporting cycle discrepancies 
  • Employee burnout


  • 50 hours saved per week on data maintenance
  • $100,000 saved annually on hiring

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“We’re a small startup trying to focus on processes that will allow us to scale. Tydo is the perfect solution for our team, who was getting bogged down by reporting.” –Mariel Bacci Kilroy, Co-Founder of Sticky Digital

Learn how Sticky Digital, a retention marketing agency, uses Tydo to level up Klaviyo reporting for clients and eliminate employee burnout from manual data workloads. 

  • 50 hours saved per week on data maintenance
  • $100,000 saved annually on hiring


Sticky Digital is the retention marketing agency turning your one-time purchasers into brand loyalists. In other words: They get customers to stick. The agency accomplishes this by optimizing the back end of the customer’s journey — from entry into the funnel to their first repurchase. According to Mariel Bacci Kilroy, Co-Founder of Sticky Digital, sharing the impact of these retention campaigns with clients is vital. 

“To do funnel optimization correctly, you must integrate many different technologies. Every day, there's a new integration we want to try and a new problem we're solving for clients. We simply can't do our job well without reporting.” 

To achieve granular reporting for multiple concurrent clients and campaigns, the Sticky Digital team leverages Tydo Custom for agencies


When you’re a lean agency, you can’t afford to manage data by hand

Sticky Digital works with a robust technical stack to serve clients across countless channels. Yet, among these tools, Klaviyo was the most complex. Clients often requested deeper reporting on the platform’s built-in analytics, including: 

  • Audience sizes
  • Link URLs — This would enable clients to easily view data and any relevant email or SMS creative. 
  • Included & excluded audiences per send — Most emails deployed by Sticky Digital are segmented. 
  • Historic changes — Email and SMS stats change over time (i.e., when a user saves an email, then clicks through to purchase weeks later). Sticky Digital’s manual data maintenance could not keep up over extended periods of time. 

“There was a lot of manual work that went into making Klaviyo data useful,” Mariel remembers. Before Tydo, the Sticky Digital team had to: 

  1. Click into each individual email or SMS campaign
  2. Copy and paste 12 different metrics into a spreadsheet
  3. Repeat this process for every client, each with 3+ weekly campaigns

This made data reporting time-consuming, error-prone, and all-around draining for employees. To address this, Sticky Digital initially planned to build an in-house solution with Supermetrics. The agency had the skills and knowledge required — but was it worth the time? In Mariel’s words: 

“Our employees were just burnt out. Copying and pasting numbers into a spreadsheet is their least favorite job. Plus, we’re just a startup, so I didn’t have the time to build a solution personally.” 


When Sticky Digital came to Tydo, the agency aimed to automate away manual data flows, solve reporting cycle discrepancies, and (most importantly) eliminate employee burnout.

As Mariel explains, “We needed to recover wasted time and wasted mental space.” 

Tydo was more than up to the challenge. Since teaming up, Sticky Digital enjoys three major benefits: 

Benefit #1: The Tydo team makes onboarding almost effortless

To get started, all Sticky Digital needed to provide were API keys — a seriously low lift. Within one month of onboarding, their Tydo Custom dashboards were up and running. 

Plus, Mariel emphasizes that the Tydo team had a positive attitude toward problem-solving at every step of the process and regularly offered to build solutions from scratch. 

Benefit #2: Tydo puts highly accurate data reporting on autopilot

Tydo built a dashboard to replace Sticky Digital’s manual data maintenance and calculations. Now, the agency enjoys: 

  • Reports that automatically update every 24 hours
  • Accurate representation of campaign performance over time
  • Daily data updates and on-demand email and SMS spreadsheet reports

As a result, “Tydo helps us have more trust in our numbers,” affirms Mariel. 

Benefit #3: Sticky Digital’s clients also enjoy the perks of Tydo

It’s not just the Sticky Digital team that loves the Tydo solution. The agency’s clients see the same campaign reports they’re used to — only now with more accurate, frequently refreshed numbers. 

For instance, Sticky Digital presents their dashboards weekly or bi-monthly, allowing clients to gauge email performance over time and easily discern the highest-ROI campaigns. 

“Our Tydo dashboards are exactly what we wanted. Their team asked, ‘What do you want to know?’ We told them, and they built it! It’s truly a white-glove service.” 


With Tydo, Sticky Digital sees happier clients and huge time & cost savings

After implementing Tydo Custom, the Sticky Digital team can deepen their analyses and make more definitive, data-driven calls for clients (i.e., the most effective subject line lengths or the best-converting product bundle strategies). Plus, with Tydo, the clients themselves have critical metrics like open rates and revenue per recipient at their fingertips. 

Overall, “It helps us think more creatively about our data,” Mariel says of partnering with Tydo. As for the hard results, Sticky Digital reports metrics like: 

  • 50 hours saved per week on data maintenance — Since Tydo automates away data crunching, Sticky Digital saves 50 hours per week. Mariel even expects that number to climb as the agency scales headcount. Now, her team can repurpose that time to think holistically about business strategy and dig deeper into analyses and optimization. 
  • $100,000 saved annually on hiring — Tydo Custom saves Sticky Digital from having to hire a full-time analyst, which would cost roughly $100,000 (at minimum) each year. Mariel adds, “Even if we did have an analyst, we’d want them coming up with questions and solutions for clients — not copying and pasting into spreadsheets.” 

On top of “huge cost savings” and a more robust data system, Mariel reports that the Sticky Digital team experiences less burnout, improved team morale, and greater employee satisfaction as Tydo dramatically streamlines reporting. “That means a lot to me,” she tells us. 

Looking forward, all of these signs point to a high-ROI, mutually beneficial partnership between Tydo and Sticky Digital for years to come. Mariel says she’s grateful for the ability to focus more on strategic client initiatives thanks to the capacity Tydo Custom has freed up.

“We have effectively automated an entire job, freeing up our team to spend more time solving each of our clients’ business problems. We could also add additional clients now. Tydo is a huge growth driver for us.” 

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