The Future of Commerce Enablement with Greylock’s Mike Duboe

November 1, 2021
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As a General Partner at Greylock Partners and a former growth lead at Stitch Fix, Mike Duboe knows more than most about tactical ways to leverage ecommerce data analytics. Leaning on his unique experience as both an operator and an investor, we dive deep with Mike around the tight-knit ecommerce community, new enablement technologies, and analytics debt.

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The Future of Commerce Enablement with Greylock’s Mike Duboe

Mike Duboe is a General Partner at Greylock Partners and previously led growth at Stitch Fix. Greylock’s portfolio includes companies like Postscript, Figma, Discord, Dropbox, and Roblox.

Leaning on his unique experience as both an operator and an investor, we dive deep with Mike around the tight-knit eCommerce community, enablement technology, and analytics debt.

The Evolution of eCom Infrastructure 

Mike has been closely studying and following the evolution of Shopify as a third-party developer ecosystem. Now you can try your hand at a concept without any engineers, and you can even get going and scale your business with only one or two FTEs. That’s a powerful concept.

With the proliferation of new tools and third-party apps, the larger issue is the disaggregation of data. That’s why Mike is particularly bullish on how data analytics tools can help brands make more informed decisions across all company functions, be it paid growth or organic content.

The most straightforward way to acquire users is on the core paid marketing channels, but in his role at Stitch Fix, he experienced these platforms’ pains firsthand. Now, he’s most interested in finding ways to help merchants attract and acquire users through a more diverse set of channels - even wholesale.

“The ability to make sense of data, even the process of aggregating it, is a complete headache. That’s exactly where Tydo comes in.”

Leveraging Data as a Differentiator 

With more and more channels, the key is to merge great creative with even better measurement tools. To kickoff, Mike points out that brands need to be asking themselves 3 key questions. 

  1. How can we mitigate dependency on one channel?
  2. How can we find ways to grow outside of our user base?
  3. How can we make the economics work to improve payback - both quality and cost? 

Once brand founders and operators work these questions, Mike adds, they’re on a good path. 

When it comes to understanding data at a company level, the largest disconnect according to Mike is between designers and creatives and growth analysts. From his lens, it’s so important to  get everyone in the same room and use the same data-driven language to keep folks in the loop as to what’s working and what’s not. In turn, the team can decide what levers to double down on.

“Removing the disconnect between the creatives and the analysts was massive. It sounds trivial, but for a big company, it was truly impactful.” 

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