The Birthdate Co Playbook: Reaching End-To-End Data Clarity with Tydo

Birthdate Co. crafts one-of-a-kind astrology-inspired candles and books. Recommended by Refinery29, Apartment Therapy, and Vogue, the brand is a fan favorite, especially among astrology fans. We caught up with Founder Ajay Mehta to learn more about how the Birthdate team leverages Tydo to reach end-to-end data clarity.
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A set of two Birthdate Co candles for December Fourteenth and January Eighteenth

How The Birthdate Co Team Reaches End-To-End Data Clarity with Tydo 

Birthdate Co. crafts one-of-a-kind astrology-inspired candles and books. Recommended by Refinery29, Apartment Therapy, and Vogue, the brand is a fan favorite, especially among astrology fans. With candles crafted specifically for each day of the year—365 to be exact—Birthdate products make for a 10/10 bday gift (we know from experience). 

Birthdate Co. founder Ajay Mehta is a serial entrepreneur and investor. In addition to Birthdate, he’s the cofounder of Therapy Notebooks and Chalo Vote (a nonprofit founded to promote voter registration and turnout among South Asian Americans). Plus, he advises and invests in a myriad of DTC brands from Sanzo to Soft Services

We caught up with Ajay to learn more about how the Birthdate team leverages Tydo, more specifically: 
  1. The growing pains of data management in the brand’s early days 
  2. Why he’s bullish on platform and client collaboration
  3. How clearer data leads to smarter business decisions 
“Our pre-Tydo world looked like managing sensitive data in Google Sheets. Now, we have a far more established, holistic picture of Birthdate’s health. That enables us to make more informed decisions.” 

Pre-Tydo Days: A Hodgepodge of Data Overflow

Before Tydo, the Birthdate team was just Ajay, his cofounder, and some contractors and consultants. There were no team members solely dedicated to data analysis. 

Several data streams were flowing into the business, but each one had its own unique set of issues. 
  • Shopify: Ajay was pulling trustworthy sales and customer behavior reports from the platform, but he found there to be very little tie-in with marketing and acquisition. 
  • Facebook and Instagram: Both had attribution issues. 
  • Google Analytics: The traffic numbers were closer to the truth, but attribution reporting was inconsistent with reporting from direct channels. 

Put simply, Ajay was dealing with a hodgepodge of information—spanning marketing performance to profitability. To stay organized, he would pull all the data from each platform and put it straight into Google Sheets. 

None of the numbers seemed to match up. 

That lack of insight into the business was extremely frustrating for Ajay. He thought there must be another way. 

“Our data sources didn’t align, which made it difficult to make informed decisions about the business. That was a big pain point.”

Making the Switch: A Tailored Platform Experience

Tydo was the perfect solution for Birthdate’s data woes. But, how did Ajay get there? 

He was sold on the vision, mission, and purpose after having some early conversations with Tydo’s cofounders, Scott and Manav (before they even launched the product). 

As a result of those conversations, Ajay had the opportunity to play a critical role in helping the Tydo team develop the platform’s initial features. 

While scaling Birthdate, he helped Tydo’s founders answer key questions: 
  • How does an early-stage startup team address performance analytics? 
  • What KPIs do founders look at daily?
  • What data sources are necessary for a comprehensive, reliable look at brand health? 

Eventually, the answers and ideas sparked from these conversations manifested themselves into some elements on Tydo’s Report Cards and platform. 

“The Tydo team and I were building our companies and having these critical conversations about data at the same time. It was cool to see Tydo build their dashboard with those conversations in mind.”

Moving Forward: Setting the Foundation for Big-Picture Growth

A Platform with Partnership

For Ajay, one of the highlights of working with Tydo—both the tool and the team—has been the speed he’s witnessed, specifically as it relates to development, iterations, and feature rollouts. 

In conjunction, the team’s speed is matched by their responsiveness to user feedback. Each new feature is developed alongside top DTC brands. 

For instance, in the early days of Tydo, Ajay could ping the Tydo team with a logistic question on Slack, and one week later, he would see a new feature on the dashboard as a response to his initial message. 

End-to-End Data Clarity 

Now, Ajay and his team have far greater clarity and accuracy into the business—and that’s all thanks to Tydo. 

As a Ramp user, Ajay has found immense value in Tydo’s Build Your Own Report Card feature. Thanks to the Finance Card, built in partnership with Ramp, Ajay can keep a pulse on his spend management and greater financial health. 

In the platform itself, he looks at everything from Birthdate’s CPA to ROAS across their diversified marketing channels. 

Ajay credits Tydo with helping the Birthdate team truly understand their Blended ROAS and CAC, which isn’t easy to do otherwise. Now, they look at these metrics to make decisions around their ad spend. 

Tydo ties all that information together with metrics around Birthdate’s holistic, organic sales, helping the team get a much fuller picture of their overall business performance mapped against channel spend. 

Whether it’s keeping a pulse on brand health, looking at how to best allocate capital, or deciding which SKU to pursue next, Tydo is right by Birthdate’s side. 

The Big Picture: Zooming Out for Best Results

For any brands looking to join Tydo, Ajay recommends using the platform weekly. He finds that broader trends illustrate far more than daily ones. 

In his words, Tydo is best for founders who like to spend their days in the trenches—of operations, sales, or marketing—as well as zoom out and see the big picture. 

Ajay can see which products are most popular during each season of the year. For example, he knows that sales for Birthdate candles peak about 15 days before the customer’s/giftee’s birthday. With all this info in mind, Ajay can build a stronger, healthier DTC brand. 

“The Tydo team builds like maniacs in the best way possible. They’re always asking for and taking in feedback. I’ve seen how they build their product roadmaps in response to user needs in real-time. It’s incredible.”

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