Birthdate Co. Increased Profitability by Optimizing for Email Acquisition with Tydo Custom

From Data Fragmentation to Profitability: Birthdate Co's Journey with Tydo


Tydo Custom




  • High-growth
  • Bootstrapped business  
  • Focus on profitability


  • Fragmented data management
  • Cross-channel data 
  • Non-traditional and traditional channels 
  • Allocating ad dollars


  • Detailed email analysis
  • The full data picture 
  • Improved ROAS and CPA 
  • Email acquisition as an arbitrage strategy

Tech Stack

  • Shopify
  • Klaviyo
  • Google Sheets
  • TikTok Ads 
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Google Ads 
  • Direct mail 
  • Agency spend
  • Tapjoy

Among astrology lovers, Birthdate Co is a fan-favorite brand, crafting one-of-a-kind astrology-inspired candles, books, and other products. 

Founder Ajay Mehta is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He’s also the cofounder of Therapy Notebooks and Chalo Vote (a nonprofit founded to promote voter registration and turnout among South Asian Americans). Plus, he advises and invests in brands, such as Sanzo and Soft Services. 

As the founder of multiple, successful, fast-growing businesses, Ajay understands the power of data and prioritizes it in all of Birthdate’s decision-making. Knowing that running a profitable ecommerce brand requires a deep understanding of cross-channel data, Ajay turned to Tydo to solve the brand’s data fragmentation. 

With the help of Tydo’s fully-custom data reports, Birthdate now deeply understands its email acquisition engine, paid marketing performance, and non-traditional channels—including direct mail and TV—and continues to grow profitability.

Switching to Tydo Custom, the brand has enjoyed: 
  1. Clear, digestible data reports that provide insight into its email acquisition tactics and the overall health of the business 
  2. An accurate view of profitability by layering traditional and non-traditional marketing channel data 
  3. A deep understanding and analysis of its email acquisition efforts
  4. Improved ROAS and CPA by optimizing for emails rather than purchases 


Before Tydo, Ajay was dealing with a hodgepodge of information, spread across multiple channels, including Klaviyo, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Facebook Ads, Shopify, Tapjoy, direct mail, TV, and agencies. 

He was pulling data from each platform into Google Sheets, and none of the metrics seemed to match up. It was a fragmented data management process, to say the least. 

The lack of insight was incredibly frustrating for the Birthdate team. They couldn’t see the full picture, especially as it relates to business profitability (their number one focus). As a bootstrapped company, the team strives to generate profit on every order. 

So, they sought out a data & analytics solution that could provide them with an accurate view of both business profitability and email acquisition tactics. Birthdate hoped they could combine non-traditional channels (TV, direct mail, etc), agency costs, and traditional channels to create a single source of insight. 

The team required custom reporting to answer the following questions: 

  1. How effective are our email campaigns? 
  2. What is our repurchase rate? 
  3. What’s the value of every email we acquire? 
  4. What’s the conversion rate of an email sign-up? 
  5. How profitable are we as a business? 
“We were using a bunch of tools, but they weren’t working. The data was disjointed, which made it difficult to make informed decisions about the business.” 


Step one was to connect all of Birthdate’s channels, which include: Klaviyo, Google Sheets, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, agency costs, Tapjoy, direct mail, TV, and influencer spend. 

Then, Tydo’s data analysts built intuitive reports that layer their data, pull in agency spend, and provide the team with accurate blended CAC and ROAS numbers. 

Birthdate’s data reports surfaced several interesting data points and custom visualizations including: 

  1. LTV by email: What is the LTV of email sign-ups? 
  2. Email sign-up conversion rate: How many sign-ups per month does Birthdate acquire? How many of those sign-ups convert? How long does it take for them to convert? 
  3. Repurchase timeline: How long does it take for email sign-ups to repurchase? 
  4. Comparison of first-time customer vs. returning customer AOV
  5. Email prospect conversion rate: How many of these email prospects will convert? How many need to be nurtured? 
  6. Product breakdown: Which products are most popular during each season? 
  7. KPIs around profitability and unit economics 
“Tydo’s data analysts were able to do the impossible: Connect our traditional and non-traditional sources to provide us with the full picture. The platform is easy and reliable and frees us from manual data crunching.” 


Not having to worry about data crunching and reporting has freed Ajay and his team to grow and scale Birthdate. 

Ajay looks at his Tydo reports every week. He finds that the broader weekly and monthly trends illustrate far more than the daily ones. However, his Tydo account is structured so that he can dig into the trenches—operations, sales, marketing—as well as zoom out to see the big picture. 

The value of Tydo for the Birthdate team is two-fold: A detailed email analysis paired with a holistic view of performance and profitability, combining both non-traditional and traditional data. 

Bringing in these non-traditional channels, such as agency spend, provides Ajay with an accurate view of ROAS and profitability that goes beyond his own data crunching or any other platform. “It’s a true depiction of our bottom line and where we’re at on our profitability journey,” says Ajay. 

Now, Birthdate optimizes for email conversions rather than orders, resulting in an improved ROAS and CPA. This arbitrage strategy enables them to increase profitability and scalability since it’s cheaper to acquire an email than a purchase. 

“We’re building a robust, scalable, and healthy brand, all thanks to Tydo. Now, we can deeply understand email acquisition and leverage it to optimize for profitability.” 

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