How Dose Fuels Paid Acquisition and Product Development with Data-First Tooling by Tydo

Dose gained a deeper understanding of its customers and clarity around paid marketing performance.


Tydo Platform


Health + Wellness CPG


  • Manual data reporting
  • Allocating ad dollars
  • Operational spend 
  • Focus on profitability


  • Budgeting
  • Manual data crunching and reporting 
  • Lack of data clarity


  • Actionable insights 
  • Smarter decisions around paid marketing
  • Cohort analysis: A deeper understanding of customer behavior

Tech Stack

  • Shopify
  • Excel 
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Founded in 2020, Dose offers organic, wellness shots targeting specific health functions. Each product is uniquely formulated by world-renowned scientists to support a healthier body. Plus, the product tastes great. 

Stuck in a cycle of manual data crunching, Dose founder Vasu Goyal sought out a data tool that could directly sync with their Shopify store, automate analytics, and help unlock key growth opportunities. 

Leveraging Tydo, the Dose team can now:

  1. Keep their operational spend in check
  2. Optimize their cohort analysis
  3. Supercharge their paid marketing campaigns. 


Before onboarding with Tydo, Vasu was patching data together in Excel. It was a slow, tedious, and manual process. He relied on Shopify and surface-level dashboard data, unsure of what metrics to look at and what cohorts to prioritize. Vasu wasn’t sure where to focus his efforts. 

Plus, the team struggled to maintain a fixed budget for paid marketing because they lacked any insight or clarity around their ROAS. 

So, Vasu started searching for a data tool that could help him uncover growth opportunities at Dose.

“Everyone looks at CAC, AOV, and LTV. They’re standard. But, the real beauty of data lies even deeper. With Tydo, I can finally get to that level.”


In Vasu’s words, Dose went from 0 to 100 in one afternoon after he connected the brand’s dashboard, Shopify, and their ad platforms with Tydo. 

They leveraged Tydo to stay on top of the company’s overall operational spend and develop a deeper understanding of customer purchasing behavior. 

Daily, the Dose team evaluates profit margins and unit costs. Weekly, the team spends their time undergoing a detailed cohort analysis and studying user behavior. Monthly, Vasu analyzes the brand’s overall profit margin and 90-day repurchase rate–both metrics inform how much Dose spends on paid marketing. 

Now, the team has a detailed view of their profit margins and can pinpoint what paid marketing tactics are working for them and which ones aren’t.

“The key metrics we track are 90-day repurchase rate, profit margin, and AOV. Without Tydo and those analytics, we’re lost.”


The Dose team leverages their Tydo Platform to keep a pulse on all their store’s key metrics and take a more data-driven approach to paid marketing performance. This has helped them develop a better understanding of their customer’s LTV, enabling them to set boundaries around ad spend. 

Additionally, Tydo built a cohort analysis for the Dose team, which allows them to hone in on audience demographics, start building relationships, and develop direct lines of communication with specific segments. 

“Before Tydo, if someone would’ve asked me ‘Have you done a cohort analysis?’ I wouldn’t have even known how to get started on building one.”

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