How Buck Mason streamlined ops and unlocked efficiencies with Tydo’s customer intelligence platform

Learn how Buck Mason skipped a full-time data hire, optimized customer retention and acquisition, and saved with Tydo’s customer intelligence platform.






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“Tydo automated a lot of stuff that we were doing manually over spreadsheets and introduced new ways of thinking and tracking customer loyalty and retention, which ultimately informed how we think about paid efficiency.” – Joe Amodei, VP of Digital at Buck Mason

About Buck Mason 

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Manual data workflows hindered Buck Mason from gaining rich customer behavior insights on a regular basis

Spreadsheets and manual processes were hindering Buck Mason’s ability to gather customer insights in a nimble way and becoming increasingly difficult to manage.  Manual data tracking was not only inconvenient but made it difficult to quickly understand key metrics like customer retention, lifetime value, and marketing ROI in real-time. In turn, this made it harder to optimize ad spend and improve end-user experiences for Buck Mason customers.

Joe Amodei, VP of Digital at Buck Mason, pointed out that his team specifically needed a more nimble, transparent business intelligence tool to analyze customer behavior and purchase data. Joe was looking for a solution with deep segmentation abilities that could support cross-selling, up-selling, product pathing, and understanding LTV for in-store vs online customers to help inform retention marketing and paid media strategies.

“Before Tydo, it was incredibly cumbersome to get granular visibility into our customer data. After onboarding, we were able to rapidly optimize our paid media and retention tactics from both a cohort and segmentation standpoint.”


Tydo’s robust infra streamlined Buck Mason’s customer data analysis – while supporting a custom POS

Implementing Tydo addressed Buck Mason’s challenges on multiple fronts:

1. Deeper customer insights 

Tydo’s segmentation features incorporated metrics like cohort LTV and payback period. With that info, Buck Mason could compare the lifetime value of e-commerce customers to retail-only customers for better insights into consumer behaviors. Gender segmentation also revealed distinct product preferences and their impact on LTV.

2. Increased efficiency 

Tydo’s automated reporting saved Buck Mason’s team and their paid media team an estimated three hours (or more) per week. This freed them from the tedious task of manual data collection and analysis, allowing them to focus on strategic activities.

3. Improved performance management

Tydo’s trade area dashboard gave Buck Mason a clear view of how new store openings affected online sales in surrounding areas. This allowed them to compare pre- and post-opening performance easily, giving valuable insights into the effectiveness of their expansion strategy.

4. Reduced operations cost

By outsourcing their data analysis to Tydo, Buck Mason was able to directly solve for its near term data infrastructure needs. Critically, it still left the option open for Joe to hire an internal data team at Buck Mason that could continue to leverage Tydo’s functionality in the future. 

“Tydo does a lot of the hard work upfront by understanding our data from multiple platforms, while also ensuring our data is clean and usable.”


Tydo’s intelligent data supercharged Buck Mason’s investment in customer acquisition

After onboarding, Buck Mason was able to fully replace their manual data analysis workflow with Tydo’s customer intelligence platform – and the following results emerged:

  • 12+ hours saved per month manually pulling data

As Buck Mason’s vision extends beyond basic reporting, Joe is looking forward to exploring Tydo’s potential as his team’s customer intelligence platform for end-to-end predictive analysis.

“At Buck Mason, we were looking for a tool that was both intuitive for our team to use and powerful from an analytics lens. Tydo was exactly what we needed to help us evolve from cumbersome data pulls to intelligent customer data workflows.”

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