How Jumbo Time Wines simplifies distribution across 46 states with Tydo

Learn how Tydo helped Jumbo Time Wines simplify its delivery operations in 40+ states – while saving dozens of hours each month on data analytics.


  • Tydo Custom


  • Food & beverage
  • Alcohol


  • Limited working capital
  • National distribution
  • High-growth


  • Wholesale distribution and state-specific alcohol regulations
  • Manual data crunching and reporting


  • ~100 hours saved annually on data management
  • Easier revenue, ecommerce, and sales reporting
  • Simpler tax reports for state-by-state regulations

Tech Stack

  • Shopify
  • ~100 hours saved annually on data management
  • Easier revenue, ecommerce, and sales reporting
  • Simpler tax reports for state-by-state regulations
“Tydo saved us valuable time to focus on what we’re great at. Now, we’re dialed in with precise revenue reports, broken out by channel, sale type, and velocity – all directly attributed to Tydo.” ­- Jonathan Yadegar, Co-founder of Jumbo Time Wines

Jumbo Time Wines is a California-based natural winery using organically grown fruit and minimal intervention in the cellar for exciting wines. Since 2020, Jumbo Time expanded their reach to cover 46 states online and distribution in California, Texas, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. The variety they offer aims to appeal to all wine consumers, whether they are aficionados or just discovering their first favorite.


High-growth brands need support managing endless streams of data

Managing data can be a full-time task for a growing company like Jumbo Time Wines. Wholesale distribution and ecommerce are demanding industries that require understanding the market and your customers. Alcohol delivery has complex state-specific regulations and reporting requirements, adding an extra obstacle to each sale.

As Jumbo Time Wines scaled up from California-only to most of the country, Jonathan’s time spent on data analysis every month jumped from an hour or two to at least an entire workday – every single month. He began searching for a tech partner to help rein in their data analytics to maintain a lean operation. Once they discovered Tydo, they were able to quickly build an up-to-date analytics dashboard that was perfect for their fast-growing business.

“As a small company with limited working capital, having someone help you go deeper into your data is difficult to do in-house. It’s not one of the first things you want to do at a growth-stage company. As a result, Tydo was a no-brainer for us.”


Tydo leveled up Jumbo Time’s data analytics with a custom-built solution

Jumbo Time Wines started a collaborative process to inform a bespoke dashboard that honed in on what was working and what was not – allowing the brand to make data-backed decisions when allocating cash flow. They gained granular insights into their customer segments, including which channel they come from, order rates, average order volume (AOV), and lifetime value (LTV). This greater clarity into their business impressed potential investors as the brand grew and affirmed their success.

Outside of data, alcohol regulation requirements had been tedious and time-sensitive for the Jumbo Time team. Fortunately, Tydo consolidates relevant information from each order, ensuring the company is prepared to meet state-specific deadlines.

Since partnering with Tydo, Jonathan and the Tydo team continues to break down constructive feedback and seek new ways to improve. As a 2-person operation, Jumbo Time Wines has to think lean and plans to for years to come. With a hyper-detailed, bespoke dashboard that automatically aggregates data from multiple sources, Jonathan and Omar can extend their skill sets without sacrificing decision clarity.

“We built a dashboard that informs our wholesale and eComm operations with effective reporting. The alcohol space can be complicated with each state’s laws, but Tydo helps us avoid any hurdles and streamlines our entire workflow.”


With Tydo, Jumbo Time has the foundational data tooling in place – primed for rapid growth

After onboarding with Tydo’s custom dashboarding tools, Jumbo Time Wines has cited their improved data transparency as being a priceless outcome. They can see wholesale and DTC performance side-by-side, with performance by state, and maintain separate dashboards to keep analysis and metrics clean.

So far, the Jumbo Time team has achieved:

  • ~100 hours saved annually on data management
  • Easier revenue, ecommerce, and sales reporting
  • Simpler tax reports for state-by-state regulations

Jumbo Time’s partnership with Tydo has empowered them to understand their core customers, save time, improve productivity, and impress potential investors with data-driven operations.

“With Tydo, we're impressing more potential investors with what we’re focused on and knowing exactly what we need from a cash perspective, our growth rate, and what’s working. Having that clarity in a business at our stage has been critical.”

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