How Praize saves 25+ hours per month using Tydo Custom

Learn how Tydo helped Praize massively reduce their time spent on in-house data analytics while boosting customer-facing ROI through custom dashboarding.


Tydo Custom for Agencies


Affiliate marketing


  • Boutique agency
  • Multiple concurrent clients and campaigns
  • Granular reporting and attribution


  • Manual data sorting and calculations
  • Frequency of weekly reporting


  • 25+ hours per month saved
  • 4 clients onboarded to custom dashboards
  • 1-click data access for clients, down from 5-click access

Tech Stack


“You should not be building reports manually. There’s enough technology out there that it should be a no-brainer to invest in Tydo. Use your precious energy elsewhere.” –Emma Grace Moon, Founder of Praize

Praize is a content-led affiliate marketing studio focused on scaling the affiliate channel for DTC brands through content partnerships with top-tier media outlets, blogs, and more. Within the first 6 months of implementing Praize’s affiliate marketing strategies, brands see their affiliate channel grow into an average 14% of total online revenue – and now, they use Tydo Custom to power the data that help report on this growth.


Before Tydo, presenting DTC customer analytics was highly manual

Praize’s reporting solution was a timesuck before Tydo. Emma Grace Moon, Praize’s founder, spent hours every week working with her team to suss out the data points that were actually important for her customers. 

From there, the team spent additional hours every Monday morning consolidating data that lived in multiple logins into a unified Google Sheet and slide deck for each of their brands. 

“My founder brain knew this was a pain point for the team, and I was like ‘How do we fix this?!’.”

The Praize team prides themselves on a high-touch, boutique client management approach and didn’t want a manual data-crunching headache in the way of their creative strategy efforts. So when Emma found out about Tydo, she was thrilled – and ready to hit the ground running.


Tydo delivered a POC in 7 days – paired with five hours saved from data crunching

After all the time and effort she put in every week on her clients’ data aggregation, Emma was relieved that the only thing Tydo needed from her during onboarding was client API keys. We did the rest – creating automated reports that visualized brand data faster than any team member could calculate manually. In turn, Tydo delivered custom analytics dashboards with both high-level and granular insights for each Praize client – all within the first week of kickoff.

Using Tydo, Emma’s team and clients can compare top affiliate stats – spanning clicks and commissions to conversion rates and CPAs – both at-a-glance and filtered by preferred data ranges. From Emma’s perspective, being able to get this distilled and actionable data in front of clients has been a massive lift to accelerating growth – for both her customers and her studio.

“Onboarding with Tydo was more efficient than I thought it would be. We got back five hours a week that we can use to communicate with clients on putting a strategy to work.” 


Tydo reduced client reporting time – while empowering Praize to share actionable data more effectively

Monday mornings look fundamentally different at Praize since onboarding with Tydo. Instead of spending 5 hours on manual reporting workflow, the Praize team can use those hours to plan the week and work toward strategic goals. Check out some standout metrics Praize enjoys:

  • 25 hours per month saved
  • 4 clients onboarded to custom dashboards
  • 1-click data access for clients, down from 5-click access

Since onboarding with Tydo, Praize clients have reported loving their newfound ability to access data reports at a moment’s notice. Looking forward, Emma and her team are excited to continue deploying Tydo custom dashboards across the studio’s growing roster of fast-growing brands.

“It feels like we’re continuously on track. As a founder with a million to-dos and emails, that feels like 100%. Tydo saves us time and is now a core part of making the client experience turnkey.”
Sample Tydo Custom Dash

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