How Structured Leverages Custom Dashboards to Enhance Client Engagement Flows

Structured achieved real-time data visibility thanks to Tydo


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  • 40+ storefronts  
  • Profitable growth


  • Clean, accurate data across 40+ stores
  • Multi-channel data
  • Manual data crunching and reporting 
  • Lack of data clarity


  • Reliable, accurate data 
  • Actionable insights 
  • Birds-eye view of performance

Tech Stack

  • Shopify
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Klaviyo

In an ever-expanding ecommerce landscape, category-defining brands like Hydrant, Sanzo, and Disco are turning to Structured. As a leading growth agency comprised of seasoned industry experts, Structured helps brands rise above the crowd and ramp up acquisition and retention across performance marketing efforts. 

The Structured team sought out a solution that could simplify their multi-step method for data compilation and analysis and provide clients with real-time client reporting. 

We chatted with David Bozin, a partner at Structured, to dive into how Structured is driving scalable, reliable, and data-driven growth by leveraging Tydo’s custom reports.  


Before onboarding with Tydo, the Structured team used a multi-step method for data compilation and analysis. It was complicated and time-consuming. They were patching together data from Klaviyo, exporting cohorts manually, and combining everything into a Google Sheet before running it through Data Studio. 

But, they quickly discovered that the information in their Klaviyo dashboards wasn’t lining up with the data sets pulled through Klaviyo’s API. They were allocating hours to building manual fixes (i.e. data lakes and internal algorithms and attribution models) in an attempt to generate an understandable data set.  

It was a total nightmare for an agency that needs a single source of truth to make actionable recommendations to their clients. As a growth agency for DTC brands, Structured needed a reliable engine for crunching the numbers that drive acquisition, retention, and optimization efforts. 

In Bozin’s words, it was a tremendous time suck for their account management team, who week after week spent hours compiling data in a digestible way and running reports. 

He knew there had to be a better solution. That’s when he turned to Tydo. 

“Over the past year, our data crunching process was incredibly painful. When we finally migrated to Tydo, a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders.”


Structured went from manual inputs to automated analysis with Tydo. Each client has their own unique Tydo dashboard that displays relevant, real-time performance numbers and trend lines that are intuitively readable. In turn, clients receive clear, actionable reporting that helps them gauge performance breakdowns by channel. 

Tydo unified its internal operations flow, allowing the team to track open rates, click-through rates, revenue generated per recipient, and a host of other analytics in a single report. 

They’re no longer inundated by endless information streams. Plus, client communication and reporting are now easier than ever. 

“As an agency, our goal is to unify data streams and make them accessible. One of the best compliments we get is when clients aren’t confused by the data presented. So far, we’ve had no questions. Tydo just works. Full stop.” 


Structured’s work is deeply rooted in real-time data and interpretation. But in Bozin’s words, the act of analysis is as much driven by creativity and gut instinct as it is by number. 

Seeing as Structured’s team is full of industry veterans who’ve worked with top-notch brands, Bozin describes their practice of gut instinct as a combination of pattern recognition and prior exposure and experience. For instance, hunches can be based on what’s succeeded for past clients, but are they consistent with what the data says for the current client? 

Clean-cut analytics, handled by Tydo, helps his team quickly define the best course of action to drive growth for their client roster. Plus, with the help of Tydo, the team can see how they’re firing on all axels: acquisition, retention, and optimization.  

At the acquisition level, David looks at the traffic flow from info capture to cart to checkout, and finally to conversion. In addition, he stacks sources of traffic (i.e. media buys, affiliates, influencers, and organic). 

Given that there are always multiple campaigns running at once, understanding which funnels attract the most valuable customers requires clear data and attribution. 

Around retention, specifically email and SMS campaigns, most brands overlook well-crafted email flows. These flows are an opportunity for driving ongoing value as well as LTV. Bozin says, “The key to nailing email is to consistently run A/B tests on subject lines and consumer personas.” Consistently diving into the data helps Structured find gaps and opportunities. 

“Daily, our team runs through the same iterative cycle: instincts, data check, instincts, data check, and so on. With Tydo, that process is so much more efficient and accurate. It’s been a game changer for us.”

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