Tydo and YUZUCO combine for the perfect retail data cocktail

YUZUCO is faster and more informed with Tydo’s data platform


  • Tydo Custom


  • Food and beverage


  • Experimenting with ad spend on multiple channels


  • Fragmented data
  • Manual reporting


  • One source of truth
  • Comparative view of marketing channels
  • Regular tracking

Tech Stack

  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Landing pages

YUZUCO, based in Los Angeles, CA is the largest importer of yuzu juice in the US.  They largely work with companies in the food-and-beverage world like Michelin Star restaurants and high end bars. Recently they started a direct-to-consumer ecommerce business. 

YUZUCO’s Challenge: Dispersed, Disjointed Data 

We had really disjointed points of views,” said Griffin Owens, Co-Founder of YUZUCO. “I could look at Amazon. I could look at Shopify. I could look at ad spend. So we had the data, but it was very fragmented.”

“What’s interesting about us is that we’re an early enough company that we don’t know which channels are actually best for us. So we’re actively experimenting on all the channels. But, for that to be successful we need to be able to measure and understand, which is difficult when our ‘source of truth’ is different for each input.” 

“We were flying a little blind and doing a lot of manual reporting, so I looked to see if we could find a tool to solve that.”

YUZUCO + Tydo: The Perfect Data Cocktail 

“With Tydo we can compare the channels.  We can get this central source of truth. So we can know what’s going with a full profile of the business: shopify, amazon, ad spend, landing pages, etc. all in the same place,” said Owens.   

“Tydo is equipping us with the data to know what investment we should make going forward,” Owens continued. With Tydo YUZUCO understands what spend is most impactful, and then can invest in that channel to drive incremental revenue.  

Tydo’s Impact: More Revenue, Less Work

“The biggest improvement for us is that we’re actually able to track our metrics on a regular basis. For example, seeing which products are growing the most month over month, what our biggest product lines actually are, which customers are coming back, all of which help us make decisions that directly impact our bottom line.”

Owens also related that part of the magic is not having to do manual data pulls anymore.  “I am personally thankful for Tydo because of the immense time savings I get next to the trustworthy live feed of my most important metrics. Tydo probably saves at least an entire day of time every couple of weeks.”

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