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Easily connect your Shopify store and marketing data to our pricing engine.

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We’ll evaluate relevant data points to quickly provide you with a snapshot of where your business value stands in today’s e-commerce market.

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About Tydo

Tydo is the data layer between your entire business and it’s potential. We connect your data, your marketing sources, and your tools to solve your biggest challenges and uncover your biggest opportunities.

We use cross platform calculations to create reports, data visuals and insights that you can use to optimize your business’ performance every day!

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How do I get started?

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Connect your Shopify and marketing accounts under the “Get Started” button on the home page and Tydo will guide you through the process.

How does OpenStore build its offer?

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OpenStore's engine uses the info you provide to pull the insights it needs directly from the source, accurately analyze different cohorts of data and build key business forecasts. This allows us to present rigorous offers with more precision than a simple revenue or cash flow multiple.

Can I get an offer even if I'm not ready to sell?

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Yes! OpenStore's pricing process is free and without any obligation. It is an opportunity to discover what your business is worth.

How does OpenStore use the data I provide?

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OpenStore's engine uses your data to pull the insights it needs in order to accurately analyze different cohorts of data, build its forecasts, and evaluate your business. OpenStore does not sell your data.