Canal is a curated network through which brands that create products ("Suppliers") can connect with brands and experts that sell products ("Storefronts").

Within the Canal platform, Suppliers and Storefronts agree on which products to share, and how to represent them in a way that complements and enhances both brands. Suppliers gain a new distribution channel, and Storefronts gain a new revenue source through profit-sharing.


  • Curated, quality brands that you can trust within the Canal network: We hand pick each brand in our network individually. Unlike competitors who boast networks of tens of thousands, we selectively partner with top-tier brands and products.
  • Success-based pricing: Only pay when you sell.
  • Customizability to fit every launch: Pass through shipping? Email sharing options? Product and variant-level commissions? Check, check, check. Our advanced features allow you to set the logic you want behind every brand you test.



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