Elevar powers conversion tracking for thousands of direct-to-consumer brands on Shopify and Shopify Plus. Their server-side tracking transforms shopping behavior into structured, trackable events with attribution, resulting in near 100% conversion accuracy.

With server-side integrations for Facebook, Google Ads, GA4, TikTok, Pinterest, Klaviyo and more, plus client-side tag templates for 50+ digital marketing channels, Elevar ensures brands never miss tracking a conversion event. With Elevar, merchants have trusted, accurate data to make strategic business and marketing decisions.

Unique features

  • Server-side tracking
  • Session enrichment data
  • Channel accuracy reporting

Elevar works with brands like

Vuori, Skims, Soludos, Rothys, Netflix

Elevar + Tydo

We believe all eCommerce brands should be able to trust their data to make better decisions. This is what we obsess over. We work with partners like Tydo so that this data can be applied to providing the best outcomes in marketing and business decisions.

Are you confident in your GA4 configurations?

Make sure your data is properly tracked (and Tydo will make sure it’s accurately reported).

We recommend a GA4 Tune Up from Elevar! Their analysts will ensure your GA4 setup follows the latest best practices and transfer any important configurations from your UA property to your GA4 property. New sign-ups get a free GA4 set up ($750 savings!) with an Elevar Plan + Expert Install. Email partners@getelevar.com and mention Tydo to redeem.


Free GA4 set up for new clients


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