Justuno is an on-site Conversation Rate Optimization Data Platform that converts more of your visitors into leads and sales leveraging 1st party data. Justuno allows merchants to create and serve a highly-targeted personalized experience leveraging pop-ups, banners, in-line displays, intelligent product upsells, cross-sells, and product recommendations powered by A.I. that lead to higher conversions.

Think of Justuno as a digital sales assistant that is similar to an in-store retail associate that is navigating in-store visitors where to look and where to go so they can find what they need and are inspired to interact and purchase!


  • Email & SMS List Growth Supercharger and 0&1 1st Party Data Enhancer with seamless integrations
  • Advanced Workflow Builder & Audience Profile Segmentation to trigger Full On-Site Conversion Automation
  • Smart intelligent product recommendations that display unique to each individual interacting with a website

Offer: Complimentary Conversion Audit + 15% off Platform & Services


15% off Platform & Services


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