Novel offers a no-code platform for brands to launch Apple and Google passes that will live in their customers’ mobile wallets.

This new channel lets you send Push Notifications to your customers to amplify all of your existing retention strategies and enables seamless referrals via QR code or SMS that actually work! Overall, brands have seen, at minimum, a 10% LTV lift, and it takes minutes to set up.

Every sale without Novel installed you’re missing out on growing your best channel for repeat purchases.

Unique features:

  • Apple and Google wallet passes for your brand
  • +3X repeat purchase & +10X referral revenue
  • Effortless setup, launch in minutes

Novel works with brands like:

Liquid Death, Anheuser-Busch, Glamnetic, Surely, Obvi

Customers say:

"It’s pretty amazing when you get to test out tech that seems like a no brainer. Imagine this: you’re a brand and you want to connect directly customers apple wallet which allows you to send a push notification too and drives referral - wouldn’t you do it!? Great addition to our tech stack."

- Ronak Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Obvi


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