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Report Cards is a customized glance of your business, delivered to your inbox for free.

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Report Cards consolidates all your key metrics across sources for an at-a-glance view of your business.

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Discover metrics for every team member so they can stay up to date on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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Report Cards is free because we believe everyone should have access to the basics.

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Report Cards was made for the operators who need to have a constant pulse on their business no matter where they are. They recognize that Shopify’s analytics dashboard doesn’t give you a full view into their marketing efforts. So they turn to Report Cards to have the right metrics from all their data sources in their inbox.

Delivered to Your Inbox

Not another tool to log into. Report Cards is delivered to you.

Your Report Card is delivered straight to your inbox for your convenience. Whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Read your Report Card and get a pulse on your brand or click into any card to dive deeper into that category. (Coming Soon!)

Minimize your workload by avoiding an additional data tool to log into and analyze.

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Summary of the Most Important Metrics

The most important metrics every business should be looking at on a regular basis.

Keep a pulse on the health of your business with these 6 most important metrics: Revenue, Orders, AOV, Media Spend, Blended CAC, Blended ROAS.

The summary metrics are default for every Report Card. But make sure to connect your advertising channels to see all of them on your report.

Each metric shows the % change and data for the previous period (i.e. DoD, WoW, MoM).

Build Your Own Report Card

Discover new cards to add to your report in our Library of 10+ metric cards.

Add cards for the different functions of your business you want to keep a pulse on. Edit whenever you want.

From acquisition to retention, finance or ad channels - we have a card that’s right for you.

Some cards were co-created with partners that are experts in their function, so you know these data points are exactly what you should be looking at.

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Custom Delivery Schedule

Make it your own. Choose how often you want your Report Card delivered.

Keep your inbox tidy and receive your Report Card on your own schedule.

Select the frequency of when you want to receive your Report Card (daily, weekly, monthly) to better suit your needs.

Share with anyone who needs to see it.

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Loved by the best

“Report Cards is like the daily Morning Brew email for your business.”

Nik Sharma
CEO, Sharma Brands

“Having done eCommerce since 1996, Report Cards is the culmination of everything a founder or head of marketing needs to see every morning.”

Brian Sugar
President, Group Nine Media

“Analytics debt is the silent killer for eCommerce brands. Tydo is like having a rockstar analyst that shines a flashlight on your business and up-levels decision making & operational rigor.”

Mike Duboe
Partner, Greylock Partners

Control Your Data

Our goal is to answer your toughest questions and solve your biggest challenges through data. While it’s important to allow data to interact between multiple parties at times, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to control when and where you want to share.


What is Report Cards?

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Report Cards is a customized glance of your business, delivered to your inbox for free. Report Cards was made for the operators who need to have a constant pulse on their business no matter where they are. It’s delivered to you so you don’t have to check another data source. It’s free because we believe every operator should have access to the basics. And you can customize it with different cards and frequency of delivery!

What metrics are included on Report Cards?

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Your Report Card defaults to include your Tydo summary which has Revenue, Orders, AOV, Spend, Blended CAC and Blended ROAS. You can also discover and add new cards that include metrics tied to different functions of your business! There are over 50+ metrics to include and customize your Report Card with.

Can I only get daily, weekly or monthly recaps?

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Yes, however, after signing up you can update your settings and decide which reports you would like to receive: daily, weekly, monthly, or all of the above. Additionally, you can decide which cards you want to receive at which cadence!

Can I add someone to my Report Card?

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Yes! You can do that in the settings tab here.

If I oversee multiple Shopify stores, can I connect them all at once?

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Yes! If you are an agency or oversee performance across multiple brands, we can definitely provide you with access to Report Cards for multiple stores. We just need you to provide a bit more information - chat with our team here or shoot us an email at

How is Report Cards free?

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At Tydo, we believe no one should be constrained by a lack of time or technical expertise from achieving their highest potential. Our hope is that Tydo Report Cards equip brands with easy-to-use data that provides a baseline understanding of their business daily, weekly and monthly. Ultimately, our full dashboard, a paid product, will enable even deeper insight and action-based intel so that your brand can achieve greatness.

When will I receive my first report?

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You should receive your first report approximately 1 day after connecting your store. If you don’t receive your Report Card within 48 hours of connecting, please contact us at