Announcing Targets: See How You Stack Up Against Your Goals in Real Time

December 15, 2021
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If you set clear targets, you’re more likely to hit them. That’s the simple thinking behind Targets aka the latest feature added to Tydo’s Report Cards, released today.

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Announcing Targets: See how you stack up against your goals in real time

We know that the end of the year is a stressful time, especially as it relates to hitting your goals. No matter how you calculate them, knowing the targets you’re trying to hit or stay below and keeping them top of mind is always a good practice. 

Here at Tydo, we wanted to make goal setting and tracking easier for you. So, we’re excited to announce that you can now set target metrics using Tydo, empowering you to reach your goals from one easy-to-use platform. See how you stack up without any effort and make adjustments on the fly. 

What are Targets? 

Targets provide a closer look at your goals and performance, helping you compare real-time data to your projections. Your targets can be easily added to your Report Card Stack and delivered right to your inbox. 

With Targets, your goals will always be top of mind—real-time, up-to-date data with your projections side by side. 

Report Cards gives you access to the most important metrics your team should be tracking to gauge DTC growth and performance. And, we’re taking it one step further with Targets. Now, you can get a quick gut check on how you’re pacing towards your goals compared to how you’re actually performing, all in an at-a-glance view. 

Metrics included in Targets: 

  • Net Sales 
  • Orders
  • AOV
  • Total Spend
  • Blended CPA
  • Blended ROAS

Targets: How It Works 

If you’re new to Tydo—before jumping into Targets—get started with Report Cards. Once you’re set up there, you can easily add your targets. No sweat. 

To set your targets: 

  1. Head to the Tydo Web App and select the 'Your Reports' tab. 
  2. Click 'set targets' at the bottom of the 'Your Targets' card.
  3. You’ll need at least one marketing integration connected to Tydo. To add one, click 'Missing Marketing Integration,' and you’ll be directed to our Integrations page. 
  4. Add your daily targets. We’ll do the rest.
  5. Hit the 'Save Targets' button and exit. 

Once you’ve set your missing targets, they’ll start auto-populating in the 'Your Targets' section of your Report Card. Stay tuned for the next Report Card to hit your inbox to view your target metrics with real-time performance data side by side.  


  1. Where can I see my targets in real time? 

You can see them in your most recent Report Card (delivered to your inbox). Head to the Tydo web app to change the frequency of your Report Card delivery. 

  1. Can I change my targets? 

Yes and at any time! In your Report Card, click 'update targets' at the bottom of the 'Your Targets' card. 

  1. How do I set weekly and monthly goals? 

At the moment, you can only set your daily targets. Based on that info, we’ll calculate what that goal translates into for your weekly and monthly pacing. We plan on adding editing capabilities for weekly and monthly targets soon.

  1. Why is my data colored green and red?

If data is colored green, that means you’re above your set target. If data is colored red, that means you’re below your set target.

Set Up Your Targets Now

If you already have Report Cards set up, set your targets here

If you don’t have a Report Card set up, you can get started here.

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