Bodo is building the future of instant, omnichannel, and eco-friendly delivery.

Bodo helps brands acquire, convert and retain customers with faster, greener delivery options. They enable brands to offer customers eco-friendly 30-minute and same-day delivery options directly on their online store checkout. Bodo does this with an ecommerce store plug-in, network of central fulfillment centers, and electric delivery fleets.

Bodo is building the future of commerce as customers continue to demand an instant and environmentally–friendly shopping experience.

What makes bodo’s instant eco-friendly delivery special?

  • Merchants can acquire, convert and retain customers with an incredible 30-minute and same-day green delivery experience. 55% of customers expect same-day or faster delivery (Shopify) with 46% of customers abandoning their cart due to long delivery times (McKinsey).
  • Amazing post-purchase customer experience with seamless Whatsapp and SMS communications, a map to track delivery, and a delivery dashboard matching customer branding.
  • From their solar-powered warehouse, to their recycled (and recyclable packaging), and electric delivery fleets—bodo makes checkout eco-friendly.
  • Bodo has a quick-and-easy 2-step onboarding process. Connect your online store to bodo’s plug-in and send stock to bodo’s City Hub. All done! Your customers will now see eco-friendly instant and same-day delivery directly on your checkout.

First month free for instant and same-day eco-friendly delivery. Launch a trial and measure the increase in new customer acquisition, checkout conversion, and average order value.


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