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Email Reports: Keep a pulse on your store

Data delivered to your inbox, for free. It doesn’t get better than that.

Email Reports Explained

Email Reports is a feature of Tydo’s Platform, built with your busy life in mind. We know it’s hard to confidently step away from the day-to-day operations of your business. Email Reports make it possible to keep a pulse on your store from anywhere—whether you’re at your desk or on the go. It’s never been easier to help your team stay aligned and up to date with store performance. 

There’s no need to manually pull data or write a single line of code. With Email Reports, we deliver your data directly to you. Here’s how to get started with Email Reports, make the most of them, and what they can enable for your team. 

You can set up Emails Reports directly in the Tydo Platform. Each report includes Tydo’s Summary aka the most important ecommerce metrics: Sales, Total Orders, AOV, Blended CAC, Blended ROAS, Total Ad Spend. 

Plus, you can customize each report with additional metrics collections. In collaboration with our partners—Sharma Brands, Smile.io, Ramp, to name a few—we created cards that touch on every aspect of your business (acquisition, retention, operations, and more). Plus, if you connect Recharge to Tydo, you can add the Subscription Overview card to gain insight how subscriptions impact your business.

What’s Included? 


Tydo’s Summary is the foundation of your email report. In one glance, stay up to date with what we consider to be your key metrics: 

  • Sales
  • Total Orders
  • AOV 
  • Blended CAC
  • Blended ROAS
  • Total Ad Spend  

Compare your Summary metrics to the previous period—either yesterday, last week, or last month—and then see how you’re pacing towards the targets you set (more on that below).

Bonus: Not sure what Sales, Conversion Rate, or AOV mean or how to calculate these data points? Head to Tydo’s Glossary

Customize with Cards 

Each email report is tailored to you. Click the “Add Cards” button in the top right of the Email Reports tab in the Platform to browse Tydo’s Card Library. 

We built cards for every aspect of your business, ranging from acquisition to retention, finance to operations. Each card was created in collaboration with our expert partners, so you can know what data points matter most. 

Add any of these curated metrics collections to your reports for no additional cost: 

  • Paid Channel Comparison: A funnel-style view of your Facebook and Google Ads performance, so you can see performance from impressions to conversions. 
  • Google Ads Overview: A high-level view of your Google Ads performance. 
  • Detailed Google Ads: A detailed view of your Google Ads performance. 
  • Facebook Ads Overview: A high-level view of your Facebook Ads performance. 
  • Detailed Facebook Ads: A funnel-style view of your Facebook ads performance. 
  • Finance Summary: Get a sense of the money coming in and out. See how you’re pacing against your goals. 
  • Operations Summary: See your orders and returns up close and keep a pulse on your operations. 
  • Fulfillment Summary: Stay up to date with the post-purchase experience. 
  • Retention Summary: Gain insight into your sales and the order behavior of returning customers. 
  • Acquisition Summary: Keep a pulse on your acquisition strategies and tactics. 
  • Customer Overview: Gain insight into your sales and the order behavior of new customers compared to returning customers. 
  • Carbon Footprint: Dive into your brand’s environmental impact.
  • Metrics By Storetasker: Get a sense of your site performance. 
  • Subscription Overview (created with Recharge): Gain insight into your subscription performance—subscription orders, subscriber sales, churned subscribers, and more. This card is only available for merchants who connect Recharge to Tydo.

The best part? Add as many cards as you’d like. 

Set Goals with Targets 

At Tydo, we want to make goal setting and tracking easier for you. Within each email report, set targets for each metric, see how you stack up, and make adjustments on the fly. 

Set daily targets for your Summary metrics, and we’ll calculate the rest. Then, they’ll auto-populate in your email reports, so you can easily see how you’re pacing towards your goals. If your targets are in green, you’re above the mark, and if they’re in red, you’re below.  

Already crushing your goals? We knew you would. Revisit your Targets within the Platform to update your goals. 

Never Miss a Report 

Your email report cadence is entirely up to you. Receive your reports either daily, weekly, or monthly. 

In addition to viewing your email reports directly in your inbox, you can see them in Tydo’s Platform. 

Why It Matters For You

Data that meets you where you are 

Whether you’re at your desk, at the grocery store, or on the subway, stay plugged into your store and its performance. In one glance, you have all the data you need, making it easy to align your team, investors, and stakeholders. 

Customize your experience 

Build reports that work for you. Some days you’re hyper-focused on customer retention. Some days you’re hyper-focused on finances. That’s the nature of ecommerce and being an operator. Create reports based on your priorities and needs. 

Hold yourself and your team accountable with Targets

Setting goals is easy. Hitting goals is a whole other story. 

Get up close and personal with your targets by adding them to your Email Reports. With Targets, your goals will always be top of mind—real-time, up-to-date data with your projections side by side. 

How to Get Started

Email Reports is included in Tydo’s Platform at no extra cost. Signing up for the Platform is an easy, three-step process: 

  1. Download Tydo from the Shopify App Store.
  2. Create a Tydo account.
  3. Connect your other channels.

It’s as simple as that! 

P.S. Still having trouble setting up your Tydo account? Check out our FAQs here

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