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Store Overview Gives You a High-Level Snapshot of Your Store

Know what ecommerce metrics to care about and when they matter most, and most importantly, keep a pulse on your store.

Introducing Store Overview

Every small business has loads of data. Shopify merchants use around six apps on average to run their store as well as email service providers, paid media campaigns, inventory management, and more. 

How do you know what data matters? How do you calculate accurate metrics to help you grow sustainably? And, how do you access your data with low latency without paying an exorbitant fee? 

Enter: Store Overview, a high-level snapshot of your store.

At Tydo, we believe that everyone should have access to the data basics. That’s why Store Overview is included in Tydo’s Platform at no cost. 

Store Overview empowers you to dive into the most important ecommerce metrics, all in one screen. Discover what’s working and what’s not by looking at the raw numbers as well as engaging data visualizations. And, choose from a variety of date ranges, so you can see metrics over the time frame that works for you. 

What's included

Not sure what data you should be looking at for your business? No worries. Store Overview’s got your back. In one glance, explore your sales data, site performance, and channel efficiency. 

Before diving into each Store Overview module, make sure you connect all your integrations. Learn how here. Now, let’s go! 

Quick View:

A high-level overview of key performance metrics with accurate definitions. Explore Sales, Total Spend, Sessions, Conversion Rate, and AOV. 

Sales Data: 

Dive into where the dollars come from. 

  • Compare Sales over any time frame—the previous week, month, or year. You set it.
  • Map high-performing products to your sales—by units or by $$$.
  • Understand the percentage of first-time and repeat orders driving your sales. 

Site Performance: 

Explore the customer purchase journey—from traffic to customers—to get a better sense of the quality of traffic you’re driving. See your conversion rate, orders, and sessions up close. You can choose the source: either GA4 or legacy GA (Universal Analytics). Since Google will stop supporting Universal Analytics in July 2023, we recommend connecting GA4 to Tydo. You can find out how to do so here

Note: Data from GA-UA is calculated differently and may not correlate with your GA4 data. 

Site Conversion Funnel: 

Gain insight into your customer’s journey on your site with this chart. Here, we’ll layer your GA4 and Shopify data to provide full visibility into your channel funnel. You can see what percentage of your site sessions reach add-to-cart, checkout, and transaction events. 

Channel Efficiency

Understand what channels drive the highest ROI and keep a pulse on the performance of each one. 

  • Look at ad spend—both your total ad spend and on a per-channel basis. Bonus: Hover over each channel line to see the exact amount you’re spending over any time frame. 
  • Examine your conversion by medium: A breakdown of where your site visitors who placed an order are coming from (Medium UTM). This will look different depending on whether or not you set up UTM parameters.
  • Analyze channel performance: ROAS, CPA, and attributed sales for each channel and on an aggregate level. 

Subscription Performance

Gather insight into how subscriptions impact your business. This module is only available after connecting Recharge to your Tydo account

  • Analyze new vs. returning subscribers over any time frame. See the data by units or by dollars. 
  • Plus, understand your subscription churn rate.

Why it matters for you

Customize your experience 

There’s no singular Tydo experience. The Platform is unique to you, based on your needs and goals. 

  • Data visualizations help you make sense of the numbers. Hover on each chart to see the exact date’s number. 
  • Date ranges allow you to see the data when it matters most for you. Whether you’re curious about last month or last week, choose from a wide variety of date range options. 
  • Customizable views for even more tailored data analysis. Choose to see your data in monetary or order value. Add or delete channels to see the big picture or to gain a more zoomed-in view. 

Keep a pulse on the most important ecommerce metrics 

These five metrics are your new best friends. They’re the ones you should be looking at on a regular basis. Why? They help you understand how your business is performing as a whole. Say goodbye to manually pulling key metrics for your weekly status meetings, and say hello to all your metrics in one screen. 

Plus, we know these terms are complex. If you don’t know what AOV means or how to calculate it, you’re not alone. In addition to the numbers, we provide the definitions. Simply hover over the information icon next to each Quick View metric to learn more. 

Bonus: Ready to dive deeper into ecommerce metrics? Head to Tydo’s glossary

“Orders by Customer Type” allows you to visualize and explore the percentage of new vs. returning orders driving sales. Why is that important? It informs your marketing tactics. Are you focused on acquiring new customers or retaining existing ones? Is that work paying off? Do you need to dive into a cohort analysis (coming soon to Tydo)?

Know who’s coming to your site and if there are any major issues 

At a high level, the “Site Performance” module demonstrates whether or not you’re bringing in qualified traffic and if your site effectively converts site users. 

  • How many orders are being placed? 
  • Is your traffic converting?
  • If you add a new marketing channel, is it bringing in qualified traffic?
  • Can you optimize the experience through customized landing pages? 

Another key insight you can gain from this module is whether or not there are any glaring issues with your site. For example, if you see a big dip in orders or conversion rate, your site might be broken. It happens all the time; an app stops working or your checkout breaks down when you need it most. Thankfully, the “Site Performance” module helps you catch any issues before they become an even larger problem down the line. 

Get up close and personal with your channel data  

How do you know if your paid dollars are being put to good use and actually moving the needle? Identify waves of opportunities, and what’s working and what’s not with our channel efficiency modules.

  • “Spend by Channel” lets you see the medium mix: how much you’re spending and where you’re spending it over time. 
  • “Conversion by Medium” shows you where your site visitors who placed an order are coming from (Medium UTM).
  • “Channel Performance” helps you identify possibilities, and then lean into those opportunities. Which platform is getting you the most bang for your buck? Where is the highest cost per order? Are there big spikes and big dips?

Store Overview is included in Tydo’s Platform at no extra cost. Signing up for the Platform is an easy, three-step process: 

  1. Download Tydo from the Shopify App Store.
  2. Create a Tydo account.
  3. Connect your other channels.

It’s as simple as that! 

P.S. Still having trouble setting up your Tydo account? Check out our FAQs here

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